• Welcome to the IB Sports Exercise and Health science class, this is a great fast-paced class covering Anatomy and Physiology curriculum, which uses the foundation for a variety of Sports and Health topics for application in both topics, lab work and student application.  As an IB (and dual credit college-level class) you should anticipate a workload that requires you to keep up in order to be on-topic during class discussions.  Participation in class discussions will improve your learning curve of the material, missing class truly creates a backlog of work for you to make up. Some of our lab activities will take place in the classroom (on ourselves) and outside of the classroom - with some of our Hellgate PE classes.
    Students in this class will be required to work with a rigorous curriculum and put in time outside of class on preparation, homework and selected activities.  As we progress through the year, students will be participating and designing a variety of laboratory experiments, all working toward a culminating project which is focused as your own independent research-based experiment.  
    Sports Exercise and Health science is a 2 year HL class at Hellgate, year One will cover a portion of the material needed for IB testing. Year Two - is the year students will opt into testing for IB credits, once they have all of the content covered, and the personal skills/ Lab work completed.  As an upper division IB class, there are a number of assessment angles: IB prescribed assessments concluding with a test in May (of year 2), and Hellgate curriculum assessments. As a field of study, many students find application in their lives as athletes, as well as preparation for a number of college/ Health career options. Assignments will be clearly designated with due dates, notes, and other supplemental information will be available through Google Classroom. This class is designed for self-motivated students, who take time to prepare ahead of time for class and are diligent in their efforts.   Students who are able to do this effectively, will have a better understanding of what we are doing in class, and be able to better participate in the class discussions that bring the topics alive. 
    Remember that procrastination is not your best study tool.  Keep up with the reading, notes, and lab work.  Learning how to work on a large project bits at a time is key for quality and learning.  In this class, learning is imperative to be successful. 

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