IB SEHS notes and supplemental materials

  • This class is using Google classroom as a way to distribute assignments; announcements and other important information.  Please remember to check your student google email frequently for those announcements and assignment deadlines.  
    You also have access to our Powerpoint notes in a folder that I have shared with you.  Please check your google drive for that folder and put it where you can access it regularly. These notes from class powerpoints have been shared with you, so that we can spend class time discussing and noting highlights vs taking copious notes.  Be sure to keep ahead of the reading, use your note packets as you read, and refer to powerpoint notes as they become available.  Watching the embedded videos a second time is a great tool for review of key concepts. 
    As students in an IB class, I expect you to keep checking on due dates and project checkpoints.  The Google classroom calendar notes deadlines, but my webpage calendar will have the daily work and check point information identified. Please check the google calendar on the webpage for those daily topics, reading assignments and other due dates or if you miss class.
    Keep thinking: Which resource do I use the most?  Which resource have I not been using very much?   Remember that intelligent, interesting, class discussions will be improved the more you are able to keep up with your use of your resources in a timely manner.  (Reading deadlines, note packet timelines, etc)