Hello! I am Matt! I grew up in the suburbs just outside of Oakland, CA and obtained English Literature degrees from UC Berkeley and Montana State University, Bozeman.

    I am an English teacher by profession but a writer at heart. Along with my love of teaching English I also enjoy hiking, skiing/snowboarding, fishing, playing music (poorly), and spending time with my dog Lucy (Lucille), cat Pawli (Pawlina), and my wonderful partner Johanna. I've lived in Montana for 6 years and Missoula for 4. I look forward to sharing stories, music, and poetry with you all this semester. Below you can find my Spring Schedule!

    Schedule Spring 2021 

    1-English 1 and 2  
    2-English 3 and 4 (Poetry) 
    3-English 1 and 2  
    4-English 3 and 4 (Language of the Internet)
    5-English 1 and 2 
    6-English 3 and 4 (Poetry) 


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