HSA Mission and Vision

  • 21st Century Education:

    A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) career academy is a great example of 21st century learning. It is an academic program that merges real-world experience through occupational coursework and job skills with the rigor of college-prep academics. Career academies have been shown to improve student attendance, grades, college enrollment and successful completion of post-secondary degrees.

    Mission: Provide Relevancy

    The Health Science Academy’s mission is to provide students with an intellectually challenging and relevant education in a small, supportive environment. Every student enrolled will not only complete high school, but will do so with the knowledge and skills to be successful in a post-secondary educational program. The academy’s teachers and administrators work with parents and community partners to develop opportunities through which students can become exceptional and well-rounded scholars and citizens. The curriculum is college-preparatory with a focus on careers in the medical health sciences.

    Vision: Develop Young Professionals

    The academy is supported by a vision that all students will develop into thoughtful, responsible and confident adults who are prepared to excel in both their post-secondary education and career(s).

    Relying on local medical centers, health clinics, educational institutions and businesses as integral partners, the Academy motivates students to continue their education in pursuit of their dreams, and inspires them to work in and contribute to the Missoula community.