• The Academy follows a "cohort teaching model" for the freshman and sophomore year.  Students take integrated Academy classes with other Academy students; as a result, they spend a significant portion of their day with the same cohort of students.  Academy teachers for the freshmen and sophomores include the STEM instructors as well as teachers from the science, English, health enhancement, and math departments. All teachers who instruct freshman and sophomore Academy classes meet weekly as a team to discuss curricular and student issues.
    By the time students are juniors and seniors, they take a single required Academy biomedical science class each year, then round out their schedule with district-required classes and electives. 
    Below are the courses required for Academy students each year. The bold-faced classes are the four required project-based biomedical classes.  


    •    Principles of Biomedical Science (Required)
    •    English 1
    •    Integrated 1
    •    World Geography
    •    Health Enhancement 1


    •    Human Body Systems (Required)
    •    English 2
    •    Integrated 2


    •    Medical Interventions (Required)


    •    Biomedical Innovations (Required)