Earth Science monthly overview

  • Welcome to Earth and Space Science Freshman!
    During this class you will be expected to participate on many levels: note taking, lab activities, homework, classroom discussions, and special projects. As a freshman, you will have new skills to develop to be successful this year.  One of my goals as a freshman teacher is to help you develop strong academic habits that will help you for all of your high school career.  If you are confused or need help, please ask, we teachers are happy to help you sort things out. Advocating for yourself, is an important skill to learn for students to develop, talk to your teachers,  come in and visit so that you do not fall behind. Please do let me know when you need help or have questions, you can do that be email, during my prep, before school or after school. 
    This Earth Science page is the place to look for interesting ideas and sites related to specific topics we will talking about, for example - the Astronomy Pic of the Day, a great webpage that I recommend you visit on your own, if you have curiosity or wonder about other topics we will not be covering this year.  On this page you will find a huge amount of interesting information.   If you find things that are interesting to you, please do bring them back to the class, if you put it in a short written summary, it can be worth extra credit on your next test or quiz.   
    September - October: we will start the year learning key science skills that we will continue to use and develop through the year.  Our 1st unit of study will be Astronomy, and there will be so many great things to talk about this year: Solar Eclipses, new planets, and so much more.  Please use the calendar below to check and see what we are working on in class. 
    Remember to check your Q account for grades and class notes/ assignments each week, those will be updated by Sunday evening every week. This is a good site to go to at least once a week, to check on assignments that are due, or missing, as well as notice what your grade is currently.  If you have concerns about your current grade be sure to talk to that teacher sooner than later.  We also use Google Classroom to submit a number of assignments.  Please be sure to submit those assignments on time.  You will recieve emails from me about assignments or resources available on your Google classroom.  Be sure to check your student email regularly.
    Be sure to check out the other website connections listed on this page for extra credit options during the year. More links will show up as we move into new topic areas.  To start with check out the Astronomy pic of the day site - everything there is amazing.  Be sure to write a summary of the interesting things you find there and turn it in. I will keep these summaries and apply the extra points on your unit test.