• Follow the Eagle Code! 

    Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Resilient!

    Behavior is expected to conform to the standards of Big Sky’s behavior policy in general, but additional expectations also exist within the classroom environment. Students are expected to be accepting of and respectful towards their peers through both their verbal and non-verbal actions. Foreign language classrooms can be especially intimidating for students due to the level of oral participation that is required; any behaviors that threaten the safe and positive learning community will not be tolerated. Please be Responsible, Respectful, and Resilient, and let us work collaboratively to help each other be successful!

    A significant part of the behavior policy in my classroom pertains to cell phones. While easing back into a post-COVID school life allowed for greater flexibility with cell phones, we are at a place where we are ready to fully divest ourselves from phones in the classroom. Therefore, in my class there should be no cell phones in class without express permission given by the teacher. Phones can live in a student’s backpack or the classroom cell phone caddy. The first instance of seeing non-approved phone use in class will result in the phone going straight into the caddy, chronic problems with cell phones will result in increasing interventions.

    Students at Big Sky High School are expected to have a Chromebook or other personal laptop with them every day, and to bring these to each class.  In my Spanish classes there will be a lot of digital content available on Google Classroom for students to use as guides or supplements to the in-class work we are doing.  If a student does not have their own personal laptop to use, they should check out a Chromebook at the library that they can use for the duration of the school year.  Because students are expected to have these devices to use each day, their cell phone will not be a substitute for this personal device, and will not be allowed to be used for in-class work.