• Big Sky High School is moving towards a universal Standards Based Grading (SBG) system, and I have adopted this grading system in my classroom. With Standards Based Grading students are not evaluated with points based on percentage of correct answers, but rather are rated on a 1-4 scale based on their proficiency in mastering specific learning targets:

    • 4 = Exceeding Level Standards     ( = 100%)
    • 3 = Meeting Level Standards         ( = 85%)
    • 2 = Approaching Level Standards  ( = 50%)
    • 1 = Beginning Level Standards      ( = 35%)

    Students will be given specific learning targets at the start of each unit and assessed throughout the unit on their progress. Formative assessments occur throughout the unit and measure a student’s progress towards meeting learning targets; they account for 20% of a student’s total grade. Summative assessments occur at the end of each unit and measure a student’s final proficiency with each learning target; they account for 70% of a student’s total grade. Because participation is a necessary component of foreign language proficiency, 10% of a student’s final grade will be based on participation and will be assessed throughout the unit.

    While it can be difficult to truly translate a Standards Based Grade to a traditional letter grade, to allow for this to best happen Big Sky has a universal grading system for teachers using Standards Based Grading where:

    • A = > 85%
    • B = 70% - 85%
    • C = 50% - 70%
    • D = 35% - 50%
    • F = < 35%

    So if a student is earning predominantly 3s with some 4s, they should earn an A; all 3s would be a B; predominantly 2s with some 3s would be a C; etc. If you have questions or concerns about Standards Based Grading, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how this looks in my classroom.


    Homework is just another name for spending time with the material outside of class.  I will always have suggestions for outside practice, and we will begin every class with a review activity of the previous day’s lesson, but we will not have homework for grades.  However, foreign language is a subject that can only be mastered with regular practice, so students are much more likely to be successful on quizzes and tests if they give themselves the time to practice beyond the walls of our classroom!