Choir Class Information

  • Men's Choir:   This choir is open to any male voice, grade 9-12.   There is no audition necessary.  You will learn the basics of vocal production, music theory, and making your way through the changing male voice!  
    Beginning Women's Choir (Chorale):   This choir is open to any treble/unchanged voice grade 9-12.  There is no audition necessary.  You will learn the basics of vocal production and technique, music theory, and working together as an ensemble.  
    Advanced Women's Choir (Treble Choir):  This choir is an auditioned group for treble/unchanged voices, grades 9-12.  Students will enjoy singing three and four-part music, learning advanced vocal technique and work on ensemble singing techniques.  
    Advanced Mixed Choir (Aesirian Choir):  This is the top curricular choir at Big Sky High School and is an auditioned group of mixed male and female voices usually grades 10-12. Students will enjoy singing four to eight-part choral music, learning advanced vocal production techniques and work on ensemble singing. 
    Extra-Curricular Ensemble (Sky Blues):  Students in this ensemble must be a member of one of the curricular ensembles in order to audition.  Sky Blues is an elite ensemble of about 20 students who perform throughout the school year at all concerts and for special events.