• Appearance/Attire for School/Dress Code:
    The District’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following guidelines:
    1. Shoes must be worn at all times.  
    2. Underwear will be covered and excessive skin will not be shown during normal activities such as walking, sitting, and going up or down stairs.
    3. Clothing will not contain wording or graphics that advertise or promote illegal activities, are sexually explicit, or that contain obscenity or profanity.
    4. Wearing of items that have been associated with gang activity (regardless of color) will not be tolerated. 
    Cell Phones:
    Cell phones are to be turned off` and out of sight during class time unless authorized by the teacher. Class time includes release time for senior study hall, activities, and time out of class on a hall pass. Students may only use cell phones before school begins, during passing periods, during the lunch period, and after the last class period is complete. Staff will confiscate any cell phone that is being used or visible/heard during unauthorized times. Refusal to hand over cell phone to staff constitutes insubordination and may result in ISS or OSS. Confiscated phones will be returned to parent/guardian.
    Cheating/Forgery/Pass Violations:
    Students shall not attempt to improve grades by copying notes, papers, looking at another’s paper or test, plagiarism, or using signatures not authorized by parent to school authorities on progress reports, excuse slips, passes, or impersonating parent calls for excuses.
    Closed Campus:
    Students must remain on school grounds throughout the day EXCEPT during lunch. Leaving grounds during lunch is a revocable privilege.
    Harassment—Race, Religious, Cultural, or Sexual:
    Students will not engage in any degrading or threatening act that fails to respect the rights and feelings of others. May include slander, prejudicial/discriminatory/ inappropriate comments, touching, innuendos, or rumors. May also include any harassing or threatening act conducted via text message, voice message, email, or other means of online communication. If the behavior or its ramifications constitutes a disruption of the learning environment, administrators reserve the right to discipline students who threaten and/or harass their classmates regardless of where or how the specific behavior occurs.
    Defiance/Insubordination/Class Disruption:
    Students will refrain from insulting, verbal abuse, obscene language, profanity or gestures, and disruption of the learning environment.
    Fighting/Assault/Altercations/Inciting, Encouraging or Supporting a Fight:
    Students will refrain from physical fights, attacks, verbal quarreling, physical challenges or encouragement of others to do so.
    Misconduct, Inappropriate Behavior or Disruption of Orderly School Process:
    Students will not tamper with fire alarm systems, make bomb threats, or engage in arson, extortion, illegal entry, or trespassing.
    Vandalism/Theft/ Malicious Mischief:
    Students shall not steal from the school or peers or defacing personal or school property.