Welcome to Ms Parchen's Science class


  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday


    Block days

    1st  YR 2: HL IB Sports Exercise and Health   


    Wed block

    2nd -  YR 1: IB Sports Exercise and Health Science


    Thurs Block

    3rd -   Prep


    Wed block

    4th -  Intro to Health Careers (sem 1)


    Thurs Block

    Lunch - HOSA on Mondays :)



    5th -  Integrated Science (sem1)


    Wed block

    6th - Prep


    Thurs Block

    7th - YR 1: IB Sports Exercise and Health Science


    Wed block

  • Science is awesome!  So many great topics to cover and expand student skills in critical thinking and analysis using class discussions, lab activities, and so much more. Science classes are action-packed with activities and labs which ask students to use inquiry skills, inductive and deductive reasoning, make observations, gather data and analyze processed data  all in an effort to allow students to work scientifically.

    2023, my classes are primarily Health Science CTE (Career and Technical Education) focused, which include:

    - YR 1  IB Sports Exercise and Health Science - a great course for students who are athletes or are looking for college-level material related to anatomy and physiology, athletic training, physical therapy, and many other career choices.   This class is fast-paced, rigorous and asks a great deal of the students: research; independent work; and includes the option to sign up for spring dual credit with the UM, as a Kinesiology class.

    - YR2 HL IB SEHS class.  These students will be recapping units from year 1, but also adding in Biomechanics; Skill acquisition, which focuses on how athletes develop; and a few more extension topics. YR 2 students have the option to take the SL or HL exams in the Spring; and will submit thier final MOLR for IB review.  We will blend new information with the foundations we set last year, and continue to apply ideas to your future career path.

    -  Fall/ Spring semester:  Intro to Health &Science Careers: allows students to explore different career fields; learn foundational skills for specific jobs; and explore the range of careers available in Health science fields. This is a "choose your own adventure" type class, in which student interest drives the content focus through the semester.  Students get to see a variety of careers and skills based on the class interest and later explore which classes/ skills are great foundations to move forward in that career path.

    - Spring semester: Public Health Class will explore major topics in public health, but from a science-based curriculum. This course also allows student input on topic focus for the semester.  Students begin to combine their scientific knowledge with social issues and social determinants, as we look at what some of the public health issues are and how we can approach solutions in real time.  Early in the semester, students can opt into a dual credit option with the UM Public Health program for college credits. 

    My approach in all of these classes is to ask "inquiring mind" questions and let the students find their way to possible answers and solve the conundrums presented. Students are highly encouraged to actively participate in class discussions, and bring relevant topics into the class. There will always be online work in google classroom, combined with class time work. Students should be actively checking their Google classroom for updates and information related to the classes. 
    Parents or students, please feel free to contact me, start with email, then we can then set up a phone conference if necessary. Simply let me know when is the best time to do so. Sunday, the week at a glance notes for each class will post to Google classroom.  This is a great way to stay up to date or plan ahead as needed. Also be sure to check the google calendar on the webpage here for similar informaiton.

Class Materials Needed:

  • **** IB SEHS class materials: We will use unit/ lab packets which many students keep organized in a binder.  You will need something to take notes on aside from the unit packets.  This class also requires that you have a Lab Journal (I will show you the acceptable option on the 1st week of class).  Index cards, highlighters, and colored pencils are also a good idea.  We will use Google Classroom for many assignments and communication on a weekly basis, be sure to keep your classroom space organized. 
    ***Health Science materials:  a binder/ folders to organize the notes and work packets; a writing implement for notes; colored pencils/ highlighters; a notebook of your choice, to use when there is not a packet. You will also want to bring a computer with you regularly for our work on quick dive topics; or google classroom collaborations.