Weekly Updates 10.16.22

Posted by Jennifer Courtney on 10/16/2022 5:00:00 AM

Dear Big Sky Students & Families-

Don’t forget this is a short week, Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday-all 3 days are periods 1-7 (no block days this week).

Attention Big Sky Students! Tuesday is our last Eagle Volleyball game against Sentinel and it's the pink game.  The team is selling shirts for $20 and half of the proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Research.  The team will be selling the shirts at lunch on Monday so make sure you get one early so you are ready for the game! 

It’s time for our 3rd Annual Spaghetti Meal Kits-this is one of our most successful Family Engagement events so we hope to keep that going this year! These are full meal kits (no matter the size of your family we will match the size) along with all the materials to make the “surprise” dessert.  The dessert always comes with a fun video made by the staff. Don’t wait, sign up to get yours here:

November Meal Kits 

Meal kits will be available during the week of November 21st.  

Don’t forget our upcoming music performances:

 10/17 Monday-Orchestra Concert, 7pm

10/26 Wednesday-Band Concert, 7pm

Have a great week Big Sky, please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you need anything.

Jennifer Courtney

Principal, jccourtney@mcpsmt.org