Principal Contact Information

  • 10.18.20

    Dear Big Sky Students & Families-

    I hope that the long weekend allowed students to rest and get prepared for this upcoming week as they switch to periods 7 & 8.  This week’s email will cover the schedule, COVID updates, and parent/teacher conferences.  


    • Monday 10/19-Remote ALL students A-Z, periods 7 & 8
    • Tuesday 10/20-In person A-K periods 7/8 (remote L-Z periods 7/8)
    • Wednesday 10/21-In person A-K periods 7/8 (remote L-Z periods 7/8)
    • Thursday 10/22-In person L-Z periods 7/8 (remote A-K periods 7/8)
    • Friday 10/23-In person L-Z periods 7/8 (remote A-K periods 7/8)

    Remember students have the option of attending Zero Period during their alpha days if they: are failing a class, have missed due to athletics and/or have been medically excused.  Zero period begins at 8am and gathers in the Student Commons.  

    COVID Updates-

    As we continue to see a rise in community cases, we are noticing that students are either identified as a close contact by the Health Department, or choosing to self-quarantine but in some cases have not notified the school. 

    The purpose of notifying the school is to have attendance marked as MEDICAL. This is important to help us collect data on the impact of COVID on our students, allows for Big Sky’s administration to connect with your teachers to help with work missed, and helps us determine if additional students are close contacts that may not have initially been identified.

    You can notify the school in several ways:

    • Call 728-0787-Attendance line 
    • Call 728-2401-Main office
    • Email Cameron Johnson ( Principal, Sabrina Beed ( Principal or myself (

    Starting Monday 10/19 all parent meetings will be virtual.  If you need to meet with a staff member or administrator we will schedule a virtual meeting using Google Meets.  

    Students & parents-I encourage you to please reach out if you have concerns or questions related to COVID protocols-your feedback helps drive best practices in keeping everyone safe. 

    There will be a school board meeting on Tuesday 10/27 in which the schedule starting November 9th will be discussed.  We will remain in hybrid until 11/6.

     Parent/Teacher Conferences-

    Conferences will be held during the week of 11/16-11/20. Teachers will be using Google Calendar to schedule conferences and will be sending out a link to choose a time slot starting Monday 11/2.  I will also send a link to a video on how to select a time on the calendar in my weekly email on 11/1.  This is a new system for scheduling and hosting virtual conferences and we look forward to meeting with families! 

    Thank you in advance for a good start to periods 7 & 8 this week.  Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions or concerns. 

    Jennifer Courtney