Technology Class

  • All students should leave High School with some experience in technology.  We happen to offer several different classes in this area:

    Graphic Design 1:

    • Learn the basics in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  We will also learn about the design element while working in these applications.

     Graphic Design 2:

    • Continued learning in Adobe Illustrator and Premiere.  We will build our skills in Illustrator and start to learn how to make movies in Premiere.

     Web Page Design 1:

    • We will spend 1/2 of the class learning HTML coding and the other 1/2 of class learning Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver.

     Computer Coding:

    • We will learn about XHTML and Java Script.  We will also use many online apps such as Scratch and CodeHS.

    Digital Computing:

    • An all around computer class.  We will learn about Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.  We will also learn about computer basics, internet basics, and design basics.