Meet Laura Elliott


  • Welcome to my page!  My name is Laura Elliott, and this is my eighteenth year teaching at Hellgate.  Before teaching here, I spent four years teaching art and special education at Seeley-Swan High School. I have my BA in art education and fine arts from Old Dominion University, an endorsement in special education from the U of M, and my MA in art education from the Art of Education University. I am glad to have found Hellgate and very much enjoy being a Knight!

    I currently teach Introduction to Art, Painting, and Ceramics. In addition, I serve as Vice President of the Montana Art Education Association (MAEA). 

    I like skiing, camping, and boating with my family and friends in my free time. I enjoy reading a book or sculpting and painting when I can, but my two kids, sixteen and eighteen, keep me pretty busy, so I rarely have leftover time! 

    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  


  • Semester 1

    Period 1 - Ceramics

    Period 2 - Art Appreciation

    Period 3 - Ceramics 2

    Period 4 - Painting

    Period 5 - Prep

    Period 6 - Prep

    Period 7 - Art Appreciation

    Semester 2

    Period 1 - Ceramics

    Period 2 - Prep

    Period 3 - Ceramics

    Period 4 - Painting

    Period 5 - Art Fundamentals

    Period 6 - Ceramics

    Period 7 - Prep