If you are interested in a career in a health related field please stop by room #55 and ask about joining HOSA.  This is a student run organization centered around learning about different health professions, as well as how to best prepare for a future in health care.
    Visit the National HOSA website:
    Visit the State HOSA website:
    Visit the Montana HOSA site for all meeting paperwork:
    Check out the 2020-2021 Competitive Events (including the medical reading books and medical debate topics) 
    HOSA Members - Check out these useful sites to determine which event you want to participate in!
    Read all the details of what each event includes (you need to scroll down and click on the event you are interested in)
    Donation Request Letter:

    HOSA Lettering Requirements  

    Chapter Offices:
    Co Presidents: 
    - Lead Meetings
    - Plan for each meeting
    - Coordinate outreach events (report decisions and voting)
    - Plan for State Leadership Conference (SLC) & National Leadership conference (NLC) 
    - Implement ideas for fundraising
    -Take notes for meetings - including votes
    - Type up meeting notes
    - Attendance for each meeting 
    - Send weekly email with meeting notes
    - Keep track of lettering requirements (points) 
    Social Media:
    - take/collect pictures and post them on social media
    - Digital scrapbook
    - Make signs for outreach events
    -  Collect and manage all sign-ups in Google Sheets (shared with advisors & officials)
    - Take photos of outreach and include in the digital scrapbook 
    Treasurer (& store organizer) 
    - manage funds
    - keep track of sales/fundraising
    - deposit and count weekly revenue
    - budgeting
    - inventory food