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    Chemistry I Course Overview

    Chemistry 1 topics are selected to cover main chemistry concepts and develop and reinforce problem-solving skills.  Students will work throughout the year on a combination of lab exercises, written assignments, demonstrations, and lecture note-taking.  Each student will be responsible for maintaining a cumulative course notebook.  This laboratory class is open to all students in grades 10-12 who have completed Earth Science and Biology 1.  Chemistry 1 is a general chemistry course suitable to a wide variety of students.  Students who wish to take an advanced level chemistry class can take Chemistry 2 in their senior year.

    Quarter 1

                General chemistry background and atomic structure

    Intro to safety, lab procedures and equipment, intro to periodicity, organization of data, logic problems, lab unknowns, properties of elements, chemical families, atomic models, nomenclature, history of chemistry

    Quarter 2

                Compounds and Equilibrium

    Testing and grouping of compounds; organic and inorganic acids, bases, salts; ionization, neutralization, concentrations, balancing equations, equilibrium, pH, hydrolysis of salt, LeChatelier’s principle, oxides

    Quarter 3

                Oxidation-reduction (redox)

    Activity of metals and metal ions, corrosion, anode and cathode reactions, two-metal corrosion, oxidation numbers, balancing redox equations, activity of nonmetals and nonmetal ions

    Quarter 4

                Qualitative analysis

    A four week unit entirely devoted to identifying chemical unknowns in the laboratory.

    Organic chemistry (carbon compounds)

    Hydrocarbons, functional groups, carbohydrates, polymers, structure and nomenclature