**This year in Chemistry 1 I will be trying to use two resources to keep students in the loop. First, I will be using google classroom for posting notes, assignments, and reminders, etc.  The class code to sign up for google classroom in Chemistry is: m5la1nl.  

    Secondly, I will be trying out remind.com for reminders about upcoming homework assignments or reminders that we might have. Sign up with remind, where you can enter your email or your phone number to receive updates. The following link will provide you with the ability to sign up:  remind.com/join/2eb47h.  Thanks so much in advance!

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Chemistry 1 Introduction

  • Mr. Murphy’s Expectations

    Chemistry I

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    Hello & Welcome to a new year and this Chemistry class!  I am excited to be here, and I hope that you are too!  Chemistry is fun and exciting, and so is learning…BUT…LEARNING TAKES WORK!  Just like anything WORTH doing!  (In my opinion).

    This year in Chemistry, I hope to expose you to a particulate view of the world-a perspective that has implications and can be applied to any scientific subject to provide you with a deeper understanding of the world.  Chemistry influences so much of our lives.  A good knowledge of chemistry ties all of the branches of science together and deepens out understanding of biology, geology, ecology, physics, astronomy, and more.  We will cover many new concepts using a variety of methods including reading, discussion, laboratory activities, audiovisuals, and direct observation.  The course work in this class is cumulative, therefore it is very important to your success that you attend and engage in class daily.