Safety Tests

  • As you can probably guess, safety is number one within the Industrial Technology facility.  Here is an example how I introduce students to a new machine:
    I first discuss the basic concepts of that machine or process by handing out worksheets with parts to label.  I then explain the mechanics and cost of the particular machine as well as similiar ones.  The remaining time is spent in the shop operating and discussing the machine.  Afterwards the students demonstrate the machine in front of me while I hold a remote kill switch, if a problem arises or the student needs help I can stop it very quick..  After all students demonstrate the machine, they take the safety test.  Tests under 80% are required to be made up the following class period.  A different test will be given with the same 80% expectancy.  Students cannot move forward with shop work until the test is passed.  Participation grade will be affected each day until the test is passed.
    Students need to respect the equipment and their classmates.  If I feel a student is a danger to themselves or others I will remove them from the class and have a meeting with a dean and parents.  Safety glasses have to be worn in the shop facility at all times.  If a student does not bring in their glasses they will not be allowed in the shop.