Agricultural Education

  • Tom Andres

    Cindy Arnott

    Kristy Rothe

    The Missoula Agriculture Center hosts the largest and most dynamic indoor and outdoor classrooms in the Missoula County Public School System.  The Missoula Agriculture Center is located just past Big Sky High School on South Avenue.  The staff at the Ag Center utilize 100 acres of farm land and Agri-Science labs to teach hands-on labs with a science-based curriculum.   Students from Hellgate, Sentinel and Big Sky all  have the opportunity to enroll in classes that provide real world experience working in the construction & engineering lab, animal science center, meat processing plant and greenhouse.  The Agriculture Center was established over 80 years ago and has a rich history and tradition in the community while at the same time staying current and up to date with today's ever-changing technology.  Students who enroll in Agriculture Education also have the opportunity to be a member of the award-winning Missoula FFA Program.