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  • From the International Thespian Society:

    Thespian Society

    Thespian with an uppercase “T” refers to a member of the International Thespian Society, the world’s largest honor society for theatre students. The designation “Thespian” includes student members who excel in technical and production fields as well as performance in their high school theatre. 

    International Thespians

    The International Thespian Officers is a group of student members of the International Thespian Society who are elected by their peers to serve as the voice of the student membership of the organization. They bring the needs of Thespians and suggestions for policy and service changes to the attention of the Educational Theatre Association Governing Board, serve as an integral part of the leadership training program, and represent the Society and take an active role at student-oriented functions such as chapter conferences and the annual International Thespian Festival.

    Are you a Thespian?

    You’re a Thespian if you are officially inducted into a high school International Thespian Society troupe. You become eligible for induction into the honor society by completing at least 100 hours of excellent work in the theatre and related arts. As a Thespian, you uphold the Thespian motto, “Act your part well; there all the honor lies.” You’ll find that this motto and the theatrical, leadership, communication, and organizational skills that you develop as a Thespian will serve you well for the rest of your life.  Our current advisor is Mr. Dean.