• Welding Technology 1

    This is a semester (18 week) course, which will introduce the student to the welding field.  Some of the things we will do in this class will be welding safety, measurement, properties of various metals, gas welding, arc welding, use of a cutting torch, MIG welding and use of various tools necessary in the welding area.  Some of the skills each student will develop in addition to welding include the development of a good working attitude, safe work habits, problem-solving skills, and an appreciation of technology and how it affects our lives. Students who learn these skills will be able to repair steel structures and create various metal projects with these skills. Welding processes are commonly used in the manufacturing and construction fields. There are many career opportunities for those with welding skills.  Those wishing to take Welding 2 must successfully complete this class first.


    Welding Technology 2

    Welding 2 is a semester class


    Welding Technology 3

    Welding 3 is a year long class



    Students welding wearing gray overallsSingle student welding wearing a protective shield.Black woodstove burning wood.


    Welding Syllabus: