Mission Statement

  • Mission: To ensure that students are effective users and producers of information and ideas.

  • Physical Library Expectations

    Return items on time
    Ethical use of materials and equipment
    Smile and use please and thank you
    Please be courteous and respectful to others
    Enter the library with a class or a pass
    Clean up after yourself
    Talking is OK, at a reasonable level

    Check-out/ Return Policy: 

    Materials normally circulate for four weeks.  Cameras and some other equipment circulate overnight.  Students may also request and check out materials from any other school within the District. With a Missoula Public Library card, students and staff have access to materials from libraries across the state which can be delivered to Big Sky Library.

    Passes and Behavior Expectations: 

    Students come to the Library with a hall pass, unless they are with an entire class during class time.  They are expected to check in and out when entering or leaving the Library during a class period.  All students must have an signed network policy (with parental consent) to access the MCPS network.  Students should work in a non-disruptive manner and may work in groups for class projects.  Students follow the school policies for vandalized or missing items.