• Curling is a super cool winter sport that anyone can learn relatively quickly and continue to participate in for a lifetime!

    It's been a winter Olympic sport since 1998 and is only now becoming more popular in the United States as a result of that exposure.  Hellgate Curling Club is not an officially sanctioned school sport but it is an official student "activity" club. 

    We made history in 2012 by establishing the first high school curling team ever in Montana.  We have continued the tradition with 1-3 HHS teams participating in league play every season since then. We partner with the Missoula Curling Club (MCC) and Glacier Ice Rink (GIR) to provide league games with adult teams in Missoula on converted ice rinks at the fairgrounds.  

    The reason for my personal interest and why I continue to be the Advisor/Coach for curling is that I curled competitively at the high school and university level in Canada where I grew up.  I'd just like to see more young people in Missoula have the opportunity to play and have as much fun as I did.  It is definitely a social sport that everyone can enjoy.

    Charlene Young

    Joining the club allows you free access to a "Learn to Curl" session each fall with the option of joining a team for league play.  By the way, there is no obligation to play if you try it out and change your mind. 

    Watch for our meetings on Fridays at lunch in Room 238 starting in late September.

    Charlene Young - Advisor