Wildlife Biology

    Welcome to Wildlife Biology for 2019-2020
    Announcement 4/14/20 for Parents/Guardians
    Google Classrom is the main  mode of delivery I am now using.  Every Monday by 5:00 PM I will be putting out an announcment and delivering the assignments for the week.  I am trying to balance screen time with active outdoor learning. The weekly assignments are intended to take about 2 hours to complete.   I am working on setting up office hours via google meet and hope to be doing that next week.  You or your son/daughter can always email me with questions or concerns.   
    Announcement 4/1/20
    Google classroom will be the main mode of delivery I use for curriculum and student contact. 
    I will still use the webpage as a general overivew of the weekly lessons, but this site will not have specific lessons to access
    Annoucement for Parents and Guardians - 3/25/20
    I have touched base with my students via Google Classroom.  You can ask them to share this information with you.  This week we are focused on touching base with our students, working with students who are missing assignments from the week prior to break and gathering our wits on potential electronic learning.  There will be no new curriculum next week, but I will be sending out some suggested activities to keep the students engaged.  
    Hope this information helps
    Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.  
    Mrs. Hover
    Wildlife Biology is an upper level science class emphasizing the science based management of wildlife in the United States.  There is an emphasis on applying the management model to current management issues.  
    Class Objectives
    Understanding and application of the scientific management model
    Complexity of wildlife management
    Informed, scientific literate citizen
    Scope and Sequence for 1st Semester
    Intro and History of Wildlife Management
    Management of Wildlife
    Tools and Techniques used in the field
    Field Studies used in wildlife research
    Habitat management -  Starting with Aquatics
    Fisheries Science
    Endangered Species
     Scope and Sequence for 2nd Semester
    Endangered Species and listing process, Delisting Case Study
    Populations - Dynamics and Management
    Analyzing management plans
    Wildlife Diseases
    Mammalogy, Furbearers
    Nongame - Ornithology and Riparian Area assessment
    Wildlife Bio Weekly Schedule 8/29 - 8/30
    Th:  Getting to Know one another and setting class goals
    Fr:  Scope and Sequence for the year
    Th/Fr:  Intro Activity Nature of Science and Wildlife Biology
    9/3 - 9/6 - Continue  Intro to Wildlife Biology 
    Tu:  Intro Activity:  Current Topics in  Wildlife Biology
    Wed:  finish intro activity and turn in 
    Th: Intro to Wildlife Management - Working definition of wildlife and why wildlife management is important
    Fr:  finish activity, Start Wildlife Classification and Management in MT
    9/9 - 9/13
    Mon:  Finish Wildlife classification in Montana and connection to management, Start documentary:  Back from the Brink...
    Tu:  finish documentary on 'History of Wildlife Conservation/Management in Montana
    Wed:  fact sheet due BOP, PP lecture:  History of Managment in Montana
    Th:  Compare/Contrast pre and post PR Act in US
     Fr:  Reading with questions:  Why We Do It This Way?
    9/16 - 9/20
    Mon:  Reading questions due BOP,  PP lecture - Field Studies used in Wildlife Research, group activity -- types of field studies
    Tu:  Go over reading questions, Review Scientific Field Sketching with descriptions
    Wed:  Class outdoors - Scientific observations and field studies
    Th:  Follow up activity to field observations - due Tu, 9/24
    Fr:  Work Day, Reading with questions - Elk Research Study - due Mon BOP
    9/23 - 9/27
    Mon:  Elk research reading questions due BOP, hand out review sheet for upcoming test, practice writing quality scientific answers
    Tu:  Field Observation Followup due BOP, Review for Test, go over reading questions
    Wed:  Test - Unit 1
    Th:  Start New Unit:  Intro to Fisheries Management: Aquatic Habitat Analysis 
    Start DVD  - Planet Earth:  Fresh Water - Intro to River Continuum Concept Model
     Fr: Finish DVD and Opinion Summary
    9/30 - 10/4
    Mon:  Go over DVD and connect to RCCM, go over test and Observation activity
    Tu: PP -  Intro to River Continnum Concept Model (RCCM)
    Wed: Create a working model of the RCCM
    Th:  Work on models
    Fr:  PP - Abitoic Aquatic Habitat Analysis - into
    Wed, 10/3 is the first school wide missing work deadline.  Any missing assignments revert to a zero in the grade book
    10/7 - 10/11
    Mon:  Prelab requirements - group project
    Tu:  Do DO and BOD tests on local river samples
    Wed:  Go over tests results and pool class data, work on write ups
    Th:  RCC Models due BOP, Start lecture on biotic anslysis in lotic systems
    Fr:  finksh lecture
    10/14 - 10/16
    Mon:  Start Biotic Analysis lab - Analyzing 2 different macroinvertebrate samples from 2 different stream locations, ID'ing, calculating biotic indexes and comparing to the RCCM
    Tu:  Continue lab
    Wed:  Continue lab, hand back models and go over
    10/21 - 10/25
    Mon:  Continue lab, hand out perimission slips for Fieldtrip on Tuesday, 10/29
    Tu:  Continue lab
    Wed: Continue lab, go over Index calculations
    Th: Continue lab
    Fr:  permission slips due, Continue lab, work on analysis
    10/28 - 11/1
    Mon:  Last in class day for lab analysisl, fieldtrip prep, hand out review sheet for upcoming test
    Tu:  Fieldtrip periods 2-7 to OBrien Creek.  Alternative assignment for students not going.  This is an outdoor fieldtrip.  Students need to dress for being outdoors all day
    Cancelled due to weather, Start Stream Pollution Activity
    Wed:  Finish Stream Pollution Activity, work on review sheet
    Th:  Historical reading with questions; Clark Fork; Prescription for Renewel
    Fr:  Hand back lab and stream pollution activity and go over, work on review, reading questions due EOP
    Mon:  Review, go over reading
    Tues:  Rescheduled fieldtrip, reference last Tuesdays agenda
    Wed  Test - Aquatic habitat analysis
    Th:  Lab test
    Fr:  summarize fieldtrip, Start Fisheries Management - Planet Earth; Shallow Seas
    11/11 - 11/14
    PTC:  Tu and Wed 4-7
    Please call or email to schedule an appointment or drop in
    Mon:  Finish Planet Earth - Work on Summary, go over Lab test
    Tu:  Go over written test, PP Intro to Fisheries Management
    Wed:   Finish PP, Start Reading Activity on Management
    Th:   management activity due EOP
    Fr:  No School 
    11/18 - 11/22
    Mon:  Start activity on Fish ID and Management, Hand out Current Events and go over expectations
    Tu:  continue activity
    Wed:  finish Fish ID Activity - due EOP, go over reading activity
    Th:  PP lecture - Aging Techniques
    Fr:  Hand out lab, explain and start -  Aging Techniques
    Mon: Current Events due BOP, continue lab
    Tu:  Continue lab - due EOP
    12/2 - 12/6
    Mon:  Fieldtrip prep, Start Current Events sharing
    Tu:  Fieldtrip to Jocko Fish Hatchery
    Wed:  finish current events, summarize fieldtrip
    Th:  hand back activities and go over, Start lecture:  Role of Aquaculture in Fisheries MAnagement
    Fr: Finish lecture,  Start DVD 'Running the Gauntlet' - Salmon Recovery
    12/9 - 12/13
    Mon:  finish 'Running the Gauntlet', hand out review sheet for test on Friday
    Tu:  Activity - Salmon in Hot Water, DVD analysis due BOP
    Wed:  go over DVD, work on review
    Th:  review 
    Fr:  Test - Fisheries Management
    12/16 - 12/12/20
    M-Fr:  Conifer ID and Wildlife Dependency
    Make observations, collect data, and ID native conifers using specimens and a dichotomous key,  Research species and give examples of wildlife species that depend on each conifer 
    Due Fr EOP
    1/6 - 1/10  Start Population Management
    Mon:  Lecture - Population Management focusing on scientific aspect of management
    Tu:  Start Activity:  Lesson of the Kaibab Deer Herd
    Wed:  Work day
    Th:  hand back and go over conifer activity, Hand out and start activity on 'Aging Techniques'
    Fr:  Kaibab Activity due BOP, work time on activity
    1/13 - 1/17
    Mon:  Go over 3 step sequence used to age ungulates using teeth wear and replacement patterns
    Tu:  work time
    Wed:  hand out semester review sheet and discuss semester exam, work time
    Th:  Hand back Kaibab activity and go over, lab due EOP, work on review
    Fr:  hand back and go over 'Aging Techniques', reivew
    1/21 - 1/24
    Tu:  Review for semester exam
    Wed-Fr:  Semester exams
    2nd Semester
    Endangered Species Management
    Case Study - Delisting Process
    Wildlife Research Project
    Population Management - Obtaining Population info
    Current Issues - Bison Management and Feedlots
    1/27 - 1/31
    Start Endangered Species Management
    Tu:  Go over exam and grades, revisit classroom goals, overview of 2nd semester, PP Science Course Offerings
    Wed: Finish PP course offerings, Start PP - Endangered Species Management
    Th:  Finish PP Lecture - ES Management
    Fr:  Reading with questions:  Standing up for Montana, due Mon BOP
    2/3 - 2/7
    Mon:  Introduce group activity looking at 'Delisting of GYE Grizzly Bear Population', Use PP to go over background information and criteria for delisting
     Tu: Go over backround info, divide class up into teams and start analysis of scientific info for Recovery Criterion
    Wed:  continue analysis, show requirements for displaying and sharing information
    Th:  go over reading questions, continue analysis and start compiling information
    Fr:  continue working on displays
    2/10 - 2/14 Continue GYE GB Delisting Activity
    Mon:  no school
    Tu:  Finish Displays and plan presentation
    Wed:  present data analysis for recovery criterion
    Th:  finish presentations
    Fr:  Round robin - analzing displays, peer grading rubrics
    2/18 - 2/21
    Mon:  no school
    Tu:  PP Summative questions - Delisting
    Wed:   Go over summative questions and discuss findings of data analysis
    Start Bison Management Issue, Background Discussion, Start Facing the Storm with questions
    Th:  Current Events due BOP, Continue DVD and work on questions
    Fr:  Finish DVD - work on analysis, due EOP
    2/24 - 2/28
    Mon:  Current Events
    Tu:  Bison Stakeholder research activity, research and share, class discussion
    Wed: PP lecture - Obtaining Population Data: Estimating Techniques
    Thur:  Mark Recapture Simulation
    FR: finish  simulation - due EOP
    3/2 - 3/7  Current Management Issues - Feedlots
    Mon:  Start activity looking at feedlots in Wy, Intro and start activity: Valley of the Elk
    Tu:  Guest Speakcer - Bison Conservation/Restoration
    Wed:  Continue Feedlot Activity
    Th:  Group discussion on management practices
    Fr:  groups work on management plan for Elk
     3/9 - 3/13
    Mon:  finish management plan adn compile on board, sign up for widllife species 
    Tues:  Review
    Wed: Test - Management
    Thurs:  Intro research/presentation project - Widllfie Species
    Fr:  Work day - research
    Happy Spring Break:  Look for Robins and Buttercups
    3/23 - 3/27
    Mon:  Work Day - Research, go over test, sign up for presentation day
    Tu:  ACT Day - no class
    Wed:  Start Ornithology - Lecture
    Th:  Class Activity - Gathering data for bird ID, field observation activity
    Fr:  Fieldguide Activity - learning to use fieldguides
    3/30 - 4/4
    Mon:  finish fieldguide activity, review presentation requirements, 
    Tu:  Start presentations
    Wed- Fr:  Student Presentations
    4/6 - 4/10
    Mon:  Continue presentations
    Tu:  Show birding basics - Shape and Size, continue fieldguide activity - due EOP
    Wed:  Lecture - Anseriformes, Start showing bird slides in preparation for spring fieldtrip - focus is waterfowl
    Th:  Slides, Start Duckumentary DVD with questions
    Fr:  go over fieldguide activity, continue DVD, slides
    4/15 - 4/19
    Mon:  Finish DVD - Duckumentary, questions due EOP, review bird slides
    Tu:  no class, seniors gone
    Wed:  Slides, PP Lecture - Wetland Preservation
    Th:  reading with questions - Duck Factory
    Fr:  Earthweek presentation
    4/23 - 4/26
    Tu:  Fieldtrip prep, review bird slides, Intro lab on Feather Form and Function
    Wed:  Fieldtrip to Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge
    Th:  Continue lab, summarize fieldtrip
    Fr:  Continue lab


      1st Semester Scope and Sequence in Biology  2019 - 2020
    Announcement for parents and guardians  4/14/20
    Every Monday by 5:00 I will be putting out an announcement and delivering the assignments for the week.  I am trying to balance screen time with active outdoor learning.  The weekly assignments are intended to take about 2 hours to complete.  I am working on setting up office hours via google meet and hope to be doing that next week.  You or your son/daughter can email me with questions or concerns
    Announcement for parents and guardians 4/1/20
    Google Classroom will be the main platform I use to deliver content and make student contact going forward. 
    I will continue to use this page as a platform to give parents an overview of what we are covering in Biology for the week. 
    If you want to view lessons, have your son/daughter show you when they are on google classroom.
    Please continue to email if you have questions or concerns.  You cannot call me direct, but I can call you, if you email and we pick a time to phone conference
    Mrs. Hover
    Announcement for parents and guardians 3/25/20
    I have touched base with all my biology students and hopefully gave them some assurance on how we will proceed at this point in time.  The focus this week is to touch base with our students, work with students who are missing work from the week prior to spring break and gather our wits for potential electronic delivery of content.  
    Please check Q and if your son/daughter is missing assignments from the week prior to break, tell them to check Google Classroom and submit it or email me if they are unsure how to turn it in.
    Please email me if you have questions or concerns.  I will try my best to address them
    Mrs. Hover  
    Welcome to Biology
    1st Semester Scope and Sequence
    Process of Science - Tools and Techniques used in Biology
    Biodiversity/Classification - emphasis on microscopic diversity
    Ecology - emphasis on patterns and changes in our ecosystems
    Introduction to Microbial Diversity and experimentation
    2nd Semester Scope and Sequence in Biology
    Cell Biology:  Review of Cell Structure/Function
    Continuation of Cell Biology- Cellular Processes:
    Homeostasis, Metabolism, DNA Regulation, Protein Synthesis, Reproduction,
    Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity of Local Flora and Fauna
    FYI:  BOP - beginning of period
    EOP - end of period
     Binder Assignments - these are assignments that are kept together and turned in at  mid-semester and end of the semester for a grade rather than being turned in for  individual grades throughout the semester.  Students are responsible for keeping these together, numbered and in order. 
    Biology Weekly Schedule 8/29 - 8/30  
    Thurs:  Getting to Know one another and setting class goals
    Fr:  Criteria for success in a Biology classroom - brainstorm and compile
    9/4 - 9/7 Nature of Science
    Tu:  Intro Activity incorporating Nature of Science and Current Events in Biology
    Wed:  hard copy of classroom policy - binder #1, Intro to Scientific Field Sketching
    Thur:  Field Sketching Activity in the courtyard
    Fr:  Followup activity to field sketching; questions and analysis - due Tu BOP
    9/9 - 9/13
    Mon:  PP Lecture - Model - How Science Works, Scientific Reading as HW, binder #3
    Tu:  Work with reading and picking out parts of the scientific model- due EOP, Field Sketching Activity Due BOP
    Wed:  videoclip on obs, fact, hypothesis, etc, Go over misperceptions about scientific obs, fact, hypothesis, theory - Binver #4
    Th: Writing hypotheses, go over requirements
    Fr:  go over hypthesis homework and check for completion
    9/16 - 9/20
    Mon:  Start microscope lab, demonstrate wet mounts
    Tu:  Continue lab, demonstrate measuring objects
    Wed:  Microscope Lab due EOP
    Th: Explain and start lab - Biodiversity and Microscopy:  Discovering microscopic life
    Fr:  Continue lab
    9/23 - 9/27
    Mon/Tu - Continue lab - discovering, sketching and describing organisms in a pondwater ecosystem
    Mon - hand out review sheet for upcoming test lab , hand back Microscope lab and go over
    Tu -  Demonstrate how to fill in the review sheet with quality answers, Lab due EOP
    Wed - practice writing quality scientific answers using a grading rubric, answer questions on the review sheet
    Th:  Test - Unit 1
    Fr:  Intro to Taxonomy - brainstorm Scientific Theories on Origin of LIfe, do Terminology for DVD, Start Origin of Life
    9/30 - 10/4
    Mon:  Finish DVD, go over discussion questions - Binder #6
    Tu:  Connect Origin of Life to Scientific Process, hand back Test and go over, Intro Dissecting Scope Lab
    Wed:  Finish Dissecting Scope Lab - due EOP
    Th:  PP lecture - Taxonomy (Systematics)
    Fr:  Finish lecture group activity - dichotomous key
    Wed:  is the first 'Missing work deadline'  any missing assignments revert to a zero after 10/2
    10/7 - 10/11
    Mon:  finish group activity and share with class
    Tu: Intro Taxonomy Activity - Finding, observing, classifying and naming organisms
    Wed: Start Taxonomy Activity - In search of macroinvertebrates in our terrestrial environment
    Th:  Continue:  analyze samples, sketch and describe
    Fr:  Finish activity by classifying and naming - due Mon BOP
    10/14 - 10/16
    Mon:  Reseach component to Taxonomy Activity - Scientific interest in Tardigrades - 
    Tu:  Graphic Organizer - 6 Kingdom Scheme with Domain level
    Wed:  Hand back Taxonomy Activity, finish graphic organizer - due EOP
    10/21 - 10/25
    Mon:  go over taxonomy activitiues, hand out review sheet
    Tu:  PP lecture - Modern Classification with video clip
    Wed:  Review activiities to prepare for test
    Th:  go over questions on review sheet
    Fr:  Test - Classification/Diversity
    10/28 - 11/1
    Mon:  Binder Assignments due BOP, Intro to Ecology via discussion and slides
    Start DVD: What Darwin Never Knew with question sheet
    Tu:  Continue D VD
    Wed:  Continue DVD
    Th:  Go over test and DVD 
    Fr:  Start Activity looking at biological levels of organizationContinue Activity
    Parents and Guardians
    PTC are Tuesday and Wednesday, 11/12-11/13
    Tues:  4-5:30 - Appointment only, 5:30 - 7:00 Drop In
    Wed:  4-5:30 - Drop In, 5:30-7:00 - Appointment only
    I schedule 15 minute time slots, so if you want to schedule a conference email is the best way to communicate.  I look forward to meeting and conferences with you
    11/4 - 11/8
    Mon:  Continue Levels of Organization
    Tu:  Finish and Discuss, PP Intro to Levels of Organization and Biomes
    Wed:  Intro and Start Activty looking at Abiotic and Biotic Relationships in Biomes
    Th:  Continue Biome Activity
    Fr:  Due EOP
    11/11 - 11/14
    Mon:  Intro to Biogeochemical Cycles - PP Lecture with video clip
    Tu:  Start Activity on Carbon Cycle
    Wed:  Continue Activity,  video clip on Carbon cycle
    Th:  finish carbon cycle activity - due EOP
    11/18 - 11/22
    Mon:  PP lecture - Ecosystem Structure - binder #10
    Tu:  Go over cycling of carbon, finish PP,  Start Activity on Ecological Models - applying what was learned Monday in the PP intro to Ecosystem Structure
    Wed:  continue acitivity on ecological models
    Th:  Show videoclip on 'Carbon Cowboys', finish model activity - due EOP
    Fr:  Importance of biodiversity in ecosystems - video clips with question sheet - binder assignment #11
    Mon:  PP Biotic Relationships - binder # 12
    Tu:  Finish PP, video clip on lichens, work day for missing assignments
    12/2 - 12/6
    Mon:  go over ecological models, hand out lab on Lichens, explain and start
    Tu:  finish lichen lab - due EO
    Wed:  Hand out instructions for Isopod Niche Preference Inquiry,  PP - Designing a Controlled Experiment, go over how to handle isopods
    Th:  Research the natural history and ecological role of  isopods(niche), focusing on habitat and food preferences
    Fr:  Observations and brainstorm - Isopods, come up with research questions pertaining to Isopod Niche, record information on assignment sheet
    12/9 - 12/13
    Mon:  Write a hypothesis and experimental design for testing the hypothesis, review steps of a controlled experiment
    Tu:  Conduct the investigation and collect data
    Wed:  Hand out Model for Scientific Analysis (blank and a template with examples) and go over analysis and recording of the experimental process using the template table
    Th:  PP Lecture - Population Concepts - binder #15
    Fr:  Population Graphing activity - due EOP, hand out review sheet for upcoming test
    12/16 - 12/120
    Mon: Graphing activity due BOP, show video clip on mosquito growth,  Start simulation looking at the effects of predation pressure on survival of disk critters
    Tu:  Work day:  Disk Critters analysis - due EOP, review
    Wed:  Review, hand back graphing acitvity and disk critters
    Th:  Test - Ecology
    Fr: catch up day, assemble binder assignments, ecology reading for fun
    Last day for submitting extra credit is Friday, 12/20
     1/6 - 1/10:  Understanding Bacteria and Antimicrobial sensitivity test
    Mon:  DVD with questions:  assignment discovery- Understanding Bacteria, binder #16
    Tu:  go over Ecology test, finish DVD and go over questions
    Wed:  Lecture - Antimicrobial Sensitivity Test, binder #17
    Th:  Reading with questions:  Big Data- Mapping Subway Bacteria, hand out lab and read as HW
    Fr:  go over techiques and products for Antimicrobial Sensitivity Test
    1/13 - 1/17
    Mon:  Set up lab
    Tu:  Read lab results and do analysis
    Wed:  Lab due EOP, go over reading, binder assignments due BOP, work on review sheet
    Th:  DVD with questions:  12 Myths of Germs, due EOP, hand back binder assignments
    Fr:  go over lab and DVD, review for upcoming semester exam
    1/21 - 1/24
    Tu:  Review for semester exam
    Wed-Fr:  Semester exams
    2nd Semester 2019
    Cell Bio - Review of Cell Structure/Function
    Biochemistry:  Molecules to Organisms - Cellular
    Celluar Processes:  
    Homeostasis, Metabolism, DNA Regulation, Protein Synthesis, Reproduction
    Heredity:  Inheritance and Variation of Traits - Genetics
    Biological Evolution - Biodiversity of Local Ecosystems
    1/27 - 1/31
    Tu:  Go over exam and grades, revisit classroom goals and expectations, PP - Science Course Offerings at HG
    Wed:  Finish PP on course offerings, Fact Finding - Coronavirus Outbreak
    Th:  Review Activity - Color coding cell models
    Fr:  Color coded models due Mon, Come up with Cell Analogy
    2/3 - 2/7 - Continue Review of Cell Stucture/Function and Biochemistry
    Mon:  Go over Model Activity, share cell anology, video clip on cell structure
    Tu:  Start Biochemistry and Organic molecules - book assignment
    Wed:  Finish biochem/organic molecule activity - due EOP
    Th:  Go over biochemistry and organic molecules.  I have uploaded 2 Power points onto google classroom as a reference for students who were absent
    Assign homework - Biochemistry-Element Problems
    Fr: video clip on cells, work on biochemistry-element problem sheet
    2/10 - 2/14
    Mon:  no school
    Tu:  Homework due BOP - Binder #1, go over homework problems,
    Bell question on Hierarchical nature of matter - practice writing quality scientific answer using proficiency scale
    Intro lab on Cell Differetntaion/Specialization, start pre lab
    Wed:  Start lab on Cell Differentiation/Specialization
    Th:  Continue lab
    Fr - Continue lab
    2/17 - 2/21
    Mon - no school
    Tu:  finish lab, Xword review of terminology, video clip on cell specialization
    Wed:  Start 'Our Secret Universe - Hidden Cell'
    Wed:  Finish DVD - questions due EOP - Binder #3
    Th:  Introduce concept of surface area to volume relationship in limiting cell size
    Pre lab brainstorm - Cell Size and Diffusion
    Fr - Run experiment testing limits on cell size
    2/24 - 2/28
    Mon - Data analysis for lab, fill in lab questions and do analysis with table(Model for Scientific Analysis)
    Tu:   video clip: Why Cells are Small,  Cell Homeostasis book assignment - due EOP
    Wed:  Catch up day, Xword due EOP, Book assignment due EOP, table analysis for lab due EOP
    Th:  go over cell homeostasis using demo's, video clips and illustrations, review sheet for upcoming test
    Fr:  Ameba sisters videoclip with questions - binder #5, Homework assignment - creating models of cells in hpyo/hypertonic solutions and tracking water movement - due  Mon BOP
    3/2 - 3/6
    Mon:  go over homework assignment - binder assignment #5, hand back table on lab anslysis, review
    Tu:  Test - Cell function and homeostasis
    Wed:  Lecture with HW - Photosynthesis, 
    Th:  video clip - Tiny Pigment Pancakes, book assignment - Ps: An Overview -due EOP
    Fr:  go over test, Lecture - Respiration, Homework assignment:  color code reactant and products of Cell Metabolism - Binder #7
    3/9 - 3/13
    Mon:  go over HW assignments, Intro lab on Effects of Exercise on Respiration
    Tu: Do lab and collect data
    Wed:  lab anslysis, hand out lab resport requirements and go over
    Th/Fr:  work on lab resports
    Happy Spring Break - Look for Robins and Buttercups
    3/23 - 3/27
    Work Day - lab resport
    Tu:  Pre ACT's, No class
    Wed:  Work day - lab report - due EOP
    Th:  review activity - Cell Metabolism
    Fr:  Start Universe Within
     3/30 - 4/3
    Mon:  Finish Universe Within and discuss questions
    Tu:  Lectue - DNA Structure/Replication
    Wed finish lecture - group activity; design a 2D model of DNA Replication
    Th:  Finish models and share 
    Fr:  Lecture - Protein Synthesis, HW;  Break the Code
    4.6 - 4/10
    4/15 - 4/19
    Mon:  Go over Ps/Rs review activity, Develop  a model of DNA Replicaiton
    Tu:  Finish models and share with other groups, Start PP Lecture - DNA Decoding
    Wed:  Practice Decoding activity - Break the Code 
    Start decoding activity -CHNOPS
    Th:  hand back Respiration lab and go over, CHNOPS due EOP,  hand out review sheet for upcoming test
    Fr:  Earthweek presentation
    4/23 - 4/26
    Tu:  Decoding using genes created from beaded strands
    Wed:  Reveiw for test
    Th:  review
    Fr:  Test over Cell Metabolism-DND Decoding