Tryout Information


    2020-2021 Hellgate Knights Cheer Squad Tryouts


    Due to COVID-19 and circumstances out of our control, we have decided to forgo a traditional in-person tryout. The safety of our athletes and community is very important to us, so we will follow any and all recommendations set forth by MCPS, MHSA, the Missoula Health Department and the CDC.

     We are just wrapping up our first round of video submissions. We are still accepting video tryouts from anyone still interested in joining the team! Below you will find information about the virtual tryout process. For links to the tryout material, please email Coach Caroline at 

    Please fill out the online tryout application by following the link at the TOP of this page. 
    We are looking forward to a great year and would love to have you join us!


    What do I Need to do to Tryout?

    • Fill out the online tryout application by following the link at the top of the page
    • Contact Coach Caroline for the tryout material
    • Be enrolled at Hellgate High School for the 2020-2021 school year
    • Have spirit, positivity and a great attitude!
    • Believe in yourself :) 


    What Will I be Judged on for Tryouts?

      Candidates will be judged on the following and coaching staff will have the final decision on all candidates:
    • PERFORMANCE EVALUATION 90% (judged by a panel of qualified persons outside of HHS)
      • Routine Dance 25% (memorization, sharpness, cleanliness, showmanship)
      • Sideline Dance 20% (memorization, sharpness, cleanliness, showmanship)
      • Cheer 15% (voice projection, memorization, sharpness, confidence)
      • Chant 15% (voice projection, memorization, sharpness, confidence)
      • Jumps/Flexibility 15% (splits, toe touch, jump sequence) 
    • ATTITUDE/ENGAGEMENT DURING TRYOUT PROCESS 10% Coaches will be looking for the following throughout the tryout process: 
      • Answering interview questions thoroughly and with detail
      • Ability to take direction and correct mistakes
      • Showing enthusasim and actively engaging in all tryout activities
      • Asking questions when needed before submitting your video
        • Ability to take direction and correct mistakes 
      • A winning mindset
    • TUMBLING (BONUS POINTS) Tumbling is not required to make the squad but is strongly encouraged. Tumbling demonstrated during your official tryout will earn additional points for your overall tryout score. The following are examples of what will earn you bonus points (please note that skills including a cartwheel or round off without an additional trick will not count towards bonus points): 
      • Front and/or back walkover
      • Front and/or back handspring
      • Standing tuck
      • Running tumbling pass
        • Roundoff back handspring
        • Roundoff tuck
        • Roundoff back handspring tuck
        • Etc. 
      • Jumps to tumbling (i.e. toe-touch back handspring)


    Video Submission Requirements

    Videos are to be uploaded to YouTube and their individual links submitted to the Virtual Tryout Form (not the same as the tryout application) by following the instructions below:

    •       Tutorial to upload to YouTube:
      • Click the link above and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the tutorial video.
      • Don't worry! If you follow the instructions on the video, only people with the link (coaches and judges) will have access to your video. It will not be available to the public!
    •       Please title your videos using your first name and last initial and video category (examples detailed below) 
    •       Once you have uploaded your video, please submit your links to the Virtual Tryout Form:  

    Video Categories:

    1. Introduction Video (YouTube Title Ex: Caroline M. - Introduction)
      1. Name
      2. Current grade
      3. Any information on your cheer/dance/tumbling background
      4. Interview Questions
        1. Please have a parent or sibling read each question to you before answering :) 
        2. Email for the interview questions. 
    2. Splits & Jump Sequence Video (Caroline M. - Splits & Jump Sequence)
      1. Right/Left/Middle splits
      2. Toe-Touch/Pike/Hurdler
        1. Please email for a video of the jump sequence
    3. Routine Dance Video (Caroline M. - Routine Dance)
      1. To music
      2. Please make sure you're using the correct song for each dance
    4. Sideline Dance Video (Caroline M. - Sideline Dance)
      1. To music
      2. Please make sure you're using the correct song for each dance
    5. Cheer Video (Caroline M. - Cheer)
    6. Chant Video (Caroline M. - Chant) 
    7. Standing/Running Tumbling Video (Optional) (Caroline M. - Tumbling) 
      1. Please only do this if you have room or space in a yard or in your home (with parent/guardian permission)!
      2. If you have other videos demonstrating your tumbling skills, you may submit that instead.

    Filming Requirements:

    1. Please film your video in a space that allows full out movement.
      1. Outside
      2. Living room with furniture moved out of the way 
      3. Basically any open area
      4. Do not film your tryout videos in your bedroom. It makes it difficult to see all of you and you should have enough room to comfortably hit motions, jump, dance, etc. full out! 
    2. Please make sure that your camera angle is able to film your entire body.
      1. We should be able to see your arms and hands when over your head and out to the side, all the way to your feet!
      2. Your camera should be facing your straight on meaning it is not tilted upward toward you or filming you at a diagnol. 
      3. Ask a parent or sibling to film for you so you cna focus on the material! 
    3. Please make sure your music is loud enough to hear in the video.
      1. Again, having a parent or sibling there to help film and play music is best! 

    Appearance Requirements:

    1. Please wear a plain white T-shirt and black leggings/shorts with athletic shoes (sneakers or cheer shoes) in your videos.
      1. No logos
      2. No midriffs showing
    2. Hair MUST be pulled completely up and off of the shoulders and out of the face in a high ponytail.
      1. Spray/pin back loos strands, flyaways and bangs that touch your eyelids.
      2. Hair just above shoulder level that can't be pulled into a high ponytail may be worn half up/half down with the same requirements for being out of your face.
      3. Bows are optional ;) 
    3. Please wear "game-day" makeup in your videos.
      1. This means putting your best foot forward with a sharp and polished look! Pro Tip: Wearing defined, but appropriate, face makeup and red lipstick. 
    4. NO JEWELRY!
    5. A big, spirited smile :D 

    **Video submissions that fail to meet filming and/or appearance requirments will receive a point deduction from their overall tryout score. If any of these requirements are going to be a challenge for you, please contact Coach Caroline ASAP to make adjustments!**


    Virtual Tryout Tips:

    1. Remember to breathe! You've got this. Give us your all and show confidence in what you're doing! 
    2. If you mess up, it's okay to refilm! We want to see your BEST, not your "eh, good enough" attempt at the material. Just make sure that you're done filming and have submitted your Virtual Tryout Form by the deadline arranged with Coach Caroline. 
    3. Have fun with it! Cheerleaders are performers and crowd leaders. Show us you're up to that task and make us smile WITH you!
    4. Be sharp (hit every motion with a purpose), have a loud and proud voice (don't sing the cheer/chant to us), and be enthusiastic (use facials, always smile and do your best to get us pumped up about you)! 
    5. Take some time to think about how you want to answer the interview questions. We're looking for detailed responses that will show us that you've put some thought and effort into it. There are no wrong answers! Just be yourself!
    6. If you have questions or concerns before submitting your videos, ASK!!! We are always here for help and support! 






  • 2020 - 2021 HHS Cheer & Stunt Team:

     Congratulations on making the 2020-2021 Hellgate Knights Cheerleading Squad! We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year and can't wait to get started with all of you. Please email Coach Caroline for new team information! Go Knights!!!