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    Posted by Rhian Clark on 9/9/2019

    Hello, parents and guardians of IB students!

    This is Rhian Clark, your student’s IB Language and Literature teacher. This is a two-year course, the English offering within our IB program at Hellgate, which focuses on the study of language, literature, culture, context, and how each impacts and influences the other. We have an exciting year ahead of us, full of analyzing literary works and non-fiction texts from advertisements to opinion pieces to song lyrics, with the hopes of exposing your students to the variety of purposes language has. 

    A few items worth noting:

    • The International Baccalaureate program strives to create globally minded citizens, so our texts and topics will focus on global issues; we will read American authors, but will also explore literature from a variety of countries and eras. As IB requires we cover three eras or centuries, we will start with William Shakeseape and move into Walt Whitman before addressing more contemporary works. 
    • As this is an IB course, there is an exam offered in the spring of year 2 where students can potentially earn college credit. We will work on internal assessments throughout the next two years as well as practice for the external assessments that occur during the exam period. More information for you and your students will be available as we progress through the semester.
    • The cell phone policy for my classroom is “away and out of sight unless directed” and strictly enforced. Students that are on their cell phones without checking in with me will receive a lunch detention. However, I understand that things come up and you must speak with your student ASAP. If you must communicate with your students during class, please remind them to check in with me. 
    • We are utilizing Google Classroom for class materials and assignments. You are welcome to join as a parent/guardian to gain access to that information. I have also attached the syllabus.
    • I will be going on maternity leave around Thanksgiving. My substitute is a certified ELA teacher and has already worked closely with the other IB Lang Lit 11 teacher, Britt Hanford. They will meet on a regular, if not daily, basis regarding curriculum and assessments, and I forsee myself staying involved in the classroom while on leave.

    If you have any questions or concerns, even when I am on maternity leave, please do not hesistate to email me or call 728 2400 x6082. I genuinely am excited to teach your students and I hope to see you next Monday Sepember 16 for Open House!

    Take care,


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