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  • Big Sky High School Family and Consumer Science

    Welcome to Big Sky Family and Consumer Science!

    My name is Mary Fillmore.  I am the department chair for Family and Consumer Science teacher at Big Sky.

    Classes offered at Big Sky are:

    Food and Nutrition 1--available for all four class levels.

    We offer basic instruction on measuring, how to read and follow directions (recipes), safety and sanitation, with a variety of labs. Some of the exciting labs are safety and sanitation, quick breads, fruits and vegetables, poultry, beef and baking.

    We offer nutrition education along with the units/labs.

    Food and Nutrition 2-- for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades who have taken Food and Nutrition 1 and passed with a C or better.

    We offer advanced instruction on measuring, advanced recipes and techniques, careers, and catering. Some of the exciting labs are yeast breads and baking/pastries.

    Culinary Arts and Catering--for 11th and 12th graders who have taken/passed Food and Nutrition 1 and Food and Nutrition 2 with a B or better.

    We offer catering projects and discuss a vareity of careers.  We also offer a great opporunity for the students to train and test for a ServSafe certificate. 

    Adult Roles and Responsibilities-- for 12th graders.

    Students will learn about themselves, family dynamics, dating, marriage, parenting, financial literacy and consumerism. 

    Hospitality & Tourism 1

    This course introduces students to an industry that encompasses lodging, travel and toursim, recreation, amusements, attractions, and food/beverage operations.  Students will explore the history of the hospitality and toursim industy and examine characteristics needed for success in the industy.