Geogebra Lesson 4
Learning Target: Understand lines in special triangles.
Open the 'Special Lines in Triangles' Google Doc linked below and follow the instructions. You'll type your answers into the Google Doc and paste screenshots of your Geogebra work in the document as well.
Geogebra Lesson 3 
Learning Target: Understand rotations, reflections, and translations.
Transformations Scavenger Hunt!
Here's an example of a transformation (a reflection) I found in our school.
Now, you'll find a rotation, reflection, and translation in the school. One member of your group will take a picture of each. Import the pictures into separate Geogebra pages and perform the translation in Geogebra like I did with the door reflection. Save your Geogebra constructions and share them with me: 
Geogebra Lesson 2
Learning Target: Understand rotations, reflections, and translations.
This lesson was created by Cheryll E Crowe, PhD from Eastern Kentucky University.
Do activities 1-4 and answer the questions in the packet. Spend some time playing with each transformation and give thoughtful answers to the questions.
Then, choose 2 activities from activities 5-8 and answer the questions in the packet for the activities you chose. You should check out the 2 activities you didn't choose, but you don't need to answer the questions for those.   
Exploring Transformations Instructions and Questions (an electronic copy of the packet you have)
When you're done with the activities above, check out these transformations I made in Geogebra.
Now, here's the real challenge. Recreate one of these constructions/transformations in Geogebra. If you get done with one, try recreating all 3 constructions. Save your constructions and share with me - 
Here's the link to Geogebra:
Geogebra Lesson 1
Learning Target: Write unknown angle proofs.
First, take about 10 minutes to check out Geogebra.
Geogebra Quickstart Pages (there's a phone app too!)
Work through these activities.  
Make sure you answer all the WHY questions. That's the whole point!
Be sure to fill out the assessment form as your work.