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  • Crystal Courtney

    Crystal Courtney

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    Room 14

    Hello and welcome.  My name is Crystal Courtney.  This is my sixth year teaching at Big Sky.  This year I am teaching Gen Math 1, Gen Math 2, General US History, and Study Skills.  In the past years at Big Sky I have also taught Consumer Math, General English 4, and Government.  I love teaching and working with students to assist them in becoming successful adults, ready to make the transition into the working world.  If you would like to contact me please do not hesitate to email or call me at any time.   


Teacher Schedule


    August 27th- 

    September 11th

    Period 1 Case Management
    Period 2 Gen Math 1

    September 15th-

    September 29th

    Period 3 Gen Math 2
    Period 4 Gen Math 2

    October 1st-

    October 14th

    Period 5 General US History 
    Period 6 Prep

    October 19th-

    November 2nd

    Period 7 General US History 
    Period 8 General Study Skills