• I enjoy being part of the Hellgate community.

    I was born and raised in Ecuador. Initially, I went to college in Cuenca, Ecuador where I received a BA in Industrial and Labor Legislation and a BS in Industrial Engineering, and then Machala, Ecuador where I received a BA and Mining and Hydrocarbors Legislation and a BS in Chemical Engineering. After years of working in a gold and oil corporation while  participating in Ecuador's Nacional Mining and Energies Congress, I decided to become an educator. I moved to Missoula in 2015 to continue with my education at the UM where I received a BA in Spanish, a minor in Latin American Studies, an AA in Mathematics, and a M.Ed in Arts and Education. 

    I firmly believe that language has the power to explore creativity while creating connections. I welcome you to visit my classroom, 326, at anytime.

  • 23-24 SCHOOL YEAR

    2nd Period   -  Spanish 4-IB/SL

    3rd Period   -  Spanish 1

    4th Period  -   Spanish 5-IB/HL

    5th Period  -   Spanish 4-IB/SL

    6th Period  -   Spanish 1  

  • Here is a general view of each unit for all Spanish 1 and SL and HL Ib classes. In addition to IB for Spanish SL and HL, and MCPS curricula, students will share their life and experiences, and our acquisition of language includes sharing our individual experiences, which are diverse and variable. Students will learn vocabulary, verbs and expressions that are necessary to describe their own lives and experiences. As student experiences, relationships, family structures, backgrounds, native languages, and  identities (including sexuality) are diverse, recognized and welcomed- the language that we learn and explore will not be exclusive of any of those elements.

    We often use art as a speaking or writing prompt. A variety of classical and modern art will be presented. As concepts of nudity and what is appropriate are fluid cross-culturally and throughout history, it is possible that we will discuss or describe a work of art that represents concepts, experiences or histories that are different from our own. The representation of the human body is variable through place and time and our oeuvre of images will not be exclusive to our own current experiences. 

    My commitment: I commit to creating a learning environment that allows students to consider how vastly different the human experience is and has been throughout time. In this exploration it is inevitable that we will encounter human experiences that vary from our own, even pieces of our identity that are most valued to us and our existence. As students evaluate other experiences, belief systems and ways of living- it is natural that they evaluate  and compare their own. In exploring a plurality of perspectives lies the potential for students to validate and find comfort in their own perspective, or change their understanding of their own experiences. Both these outcomes are valid. Exploring, comparing and contrasting the plethora of human experiences and existences is our learning target. All students, families, belief systems, and identities are welcome in my classroom. Attacking or criticizing a particular group, or exploring a set of experiences and perspectives with the aim of devaluing another has no place in this learning experience.

    If you would like a very detailed list of topics studied in each class, please check each syllabus.

    Spanish 5 IB/HL Syllabus

    Spanish 4 B/SL Syllabus

    Spanish 1 Syllabus 

    IB SL/HL Guía De Lenguaje IB/SL-HL