• Math Department Update

    Posted by Abby Green on 3/25/2020

    Hello Parents and Students!

    Your Big Sky Math Department is working hard to get set up for online learning.  This process will be a learning curve for both teachers and students. Please hang in there with us!  

    Right now we are working on creating Google Classroom sites that students and parents can visit.  These sites will have assignments, activites and practice for students to continue to review and learn in their math classes. The math teachers will be in contact with you, if they haven't already reached out.  

    We will continue to send you updates and make things as clear and easy as possible for students and parents.  Thanks again for taking this adventure with us.  

    If you are having trouble viewing teacher sites, please email the teacher directly or call (406) 728-2401 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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  • BSHS Eagle Code - Math Style

    Posted by Abby Green on 1/30/2020

    BE RESPONSIBLE - Do your homework!  If you miss class, make sure to talk to your teacher ahead of time or send them an email about what you missed. Be proactive! It makes your life easier.

    BE RESPECTFUL - Everyone struggles with something at one point or another, treat each person with respect and be helpful. Sometimes that means not talking when someone else needs help. Remember, you never know when you might need help too!

    BE RESILIENT - Don't give up! Talk to your teacher, attend math lab or start a study group with other students in your class.  You can do it!

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  • Math Lab

    Posted by Abby Green on 10/29/2019

    Don't forget we have Math help every day at lunch in room 36!

    Math Lab

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  • Welcome to the mathematics department at Big Sky High School! 
    Members:  Dept. Chair Abby Green & Dept. Chair Ariel Cornelius
    As Big Sky High School math teachers, our goal is to provide opportunities for our students to think critically about mathematics and work with problems algebraically, graphically, verbally, and numerically. We provide the following pathways and courses for students' math journeys:     
    • Algebra Readiness
    • Algebra 1
    • Geometry
    • Honors Geometry
    • Algebra 2
    • Honors Algebra 2
    • IB Math Studies
    • IB PreCalculus
    • IB Calculus
    • Financial Math
    Math lab is every day at lunch in room 36, staffed by a certified math teacher.  
    Students can choose the challenge of an honors course and take Honors Geometry or Honors Algebra 2.

    Through the IB Maths program, students can also earn college credit based on their IB exam score. 

    If you have questions, please contact Ariel Cornelius or Abby Green in person, by phone or email.
    Thank you.