• James Fields 

    James Fields
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    For the 2024-25 academic year, I'm teaching AP Statistics, AP Computer Science Principles, and Financial Algebra. I have a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin and have ten years of work experience in mechanical engineering, including five years as owner/co-owner of an engineering design and prototyping business (where I also taught myself how to code developing 3D printer firmware). I attended graduate school at the University of Montana for two years where I was pursuing a Ph.D. in applied mathematics/math education and Concordia University Wisconsin where I earned an M.S. degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I've taught just about every course from pre-algebra to 200 level college courses and learn new things every day. 
    With my experience working as an engineer and running my own business, I emphasize applications of mathematics, data modeling, and coding skills necessary to be successful outside of school. Math and computer science is not about getting an answer. They are about problem solving and using numbers and patterns to make sense of the world and inform decisions. Everyone can do math and code and everyone can use these skills to make their lives better.       
  • Period 1 - AP Computer Science

    Period 2 - Prep/duty

    Period 3 - Prep/duty 

    Period 4 - AP Statistics

    Period 5 - Financial Algebra 

    Period 6 - AP Statistics  

    Period 7 - AP Computer Science