• Welcome to the Family Resource Center  (FRC) located in Room 17B of Big Sky High School.  Our mission is to connect students, families, school and community. The FRC is a place where students and families can visit to receive assistance in learning about programs within the school and community that can better serve them. Referrals may be, but are not limited to: Housing, child care, financial assistance, utilities assistance, public programs and benefits (SNAP, Medicaid, Healthy Kids MT, parenting classes, employment, etc...). The FRC also collaborates with various school groups as well as local businesses and individuals to raise funds for our Big Sky families in need. Currently we have a well-stocked food, toiletries, and school supplies pantry. Students and families are encouraged to stop in for services or questions. The FRC is open from 8am to 1pm Tuesdays through  Fridays, or by appointment. Feel free to call in advance so that I can be sure to be in the FRC to greet you. It is my pleasure to work with our community to fill in gaps for our families to ensure that we have successful, healthy and HAPPY students!