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    Beth Huguet
    728-2400, ext. 6656
    Being a 1980 graduate of Hellgate High School, it is an honor to be able to teach at the same school that had such a positive impact on my formative years.  When I started teaching in January 1988, a large percentage of my colleagues had been my previous classroom teachers and Hellgate Alumni themselves.  The fact that so many graduates come back to teach at Hellgate only starts to speak to the fact that Hellgate High School is a dynamic learning environment.
    The Hellgate Business Department has robust offerings in business, finance, and the media arts.  I specifically teach curriculum centered around finance and business management career pathways.  The various courses I teach provide knowledge and skill acquisition to help students successfully transition to post-secondary education and the world of work.
    Business Professionals of America, BPA, is the Business Department's CTSO (Career Technology Student Organization) which offers students the opportunity to extend their learning outside the walls of the classroom by participating in approximately 90 business competitions and leadership events, working retail at school student store, and assisting with community service.  Check out the Hellgate BPA or National BPA websites ( for more details.
    My classroom is open most periods, and students are welcome to come in to complete make-up work and get additional help at their convenience, as long as it is not disrupting a scheduled program/guest speaker.  If you have any questions or concerns related to your student or the business program, the best way to get a hold of me is through email.


  • Period 0 - Work Co-op (student work release supervision)

    Period 1 - Accounting 1* & 2 (year-long) / *Accounting 1 is a dual credit class with Missoula College/UM for 4 credits  

    Period 2 - Prep (in building)

    Period 3 - Personal Finance (semester)

    Period 4 - Street Law (semester) - 

    Period 5 - Prep (building release)  

    Period 6 - Personal Finance (semester)  

    Period 7 - Work Co-op (student work release supervision)

    Period 8 - Work Co-op (student work release supervision)  

    A syllabus for each course is listed below:


Classroom Rules