FRC Update: April 1, 2020

  • I hope this finds you safe and healthy.  While many of you may welcome the extended break from coming to school, it is also a time of stress and uncertaintity.  People are missing their routines, seeing their friends and teachers, and structure of coming to school.  School is also the place where you many of you access meals, mental health support, and technology.

    Please log into your school account!  All of your teachers have reached out to you and shared how to access your classes from home.  Most of them are through Goggle Classrooms.  It is important that we know you are able to connect to everything as we move forward with distance learning.  This week is dedicated to materials meant as a review.  If you are having difficulty, you can email your teachers directly.  I am also available to help reach out to teachers.

    I know many of you may be struggling with basic needs and/or emotional support during this time. 

    Please contact me if you need help or support.  We can do regular check-ins via email or virtually.  There are other supports and resources I can connect you to as well.

    If you need help reaching out to teachers or have questions regarding other needed resources, please let me know! You can reach me at

    Stay safe and healthy!




The Woman Behind the FRC

  • Me and my boys (and dog) Tracy Ledyard - School Social Worker and Family Resource Coordinator

    728-2400 ext. 6062

    Hi!  My name Tracy Ledyard.  I am the School Social Worker as well as the Family Resource Coordinator at Hellgate High School.

    I support all students at Hellgate accessing resources both in the school as well as in the community.  

    I am also the coordinator for Families In Transition and Foster Care at Hellgate.  This refers to students who meet the eligibity as homeless youth under the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act.  To learn more, please visit