Business Co-Op

  • Course Overview:
    Business Co-op is for students who are enrolled in a business class and who are employed in a business-related job at least 5 hours per week. The experience gained on the job is supplemented by the classroom instruction received in the business class. Students are required to report their weekly hours and earnings, and are evaluated by their employer each grading period. Business Co-op is a program which requires the cooperation of the student, parent, employer, and the Business Co-op instructor. Business Co-op does not meet as a class on a regular basis. The job becomes the class for which credit is earned. Instructional strategies and assessments are varied.
    The Coop Policy must be filled out and turned in ASAP after signing up for Business Coop.  You must touch base with your Coop teacher to know and understand our policy and procedure.
    Hours must be turned in at the end of every month. 

    Coop Policy (word document)

    Coop Hours  (word document)