Technology Tools

  • Course Description:

    In this course, students learn the basic operation and function of the computer, to select appropriate software for various applications, and become aware of the fast-changing world of business and information technology. Students will select and use word processing, desktop publishing, data base, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, multimedia, and Internet (search engine strategies, Internet protocol) and imaging software (scanners, digital cameras). This course provides students with knowledge that is readily applicable in other subject areas (especially useful for senior projects). It is recommended that this course be taken prior to enrolling in Graphics Design and Web Design. This is a lab class—all work is completed using computers on site. Students engage in a variety of learning experiences, including hands-on computer applications (word processing, spreadsheet, database, Internet research projects, multimedia presentations). Students will have access to the most recent hardware and software available. Students will be assessed on completion of projects and performance on practical application exams.