Marketing 2

  • Course Description:

    Marketing Management is the process of using organizational resources effectively and efficiently to achieve organizational goals through planning, organizing, leading/directing, and evaluating/controlling. Management education helps students understand and analyze various management theories and apply them to the workplace. Management education also helps students understand basic management functions, their interrelationships, and the organization’s competitive niche.

    Successful managers are able to maximize the utilization of human resources. They are leaders who understand the benefits of teamwork and consensus building inside and outside an organization’s operations. They recognize the importance of technology and information management in the decision-making process and the value of ethics and social responsibility in building and maintaining business relationships. And like entrepreneurs, successful managers know that the ability too discern and respond quickly to changing economic conditions and new business opportunities is crucial to remaining viable in the marketplace.

    Co-curricular with Career & Technical Student Organizations, including BPA and DECA (optional by school).

    NOTE: Throughout this document, learning target types are identified as knowledge ("K"), reasoning ("R"), skill ("S"), or product ("P").