Marketing 1

  • Course Description:

    Marketing 1 develops student understanding in such areas as business law, economics, emotional intelligence, financial analysis, human resources management, information management, marketing, operations, and strategic management. Students acquire knowledge of fundamental business activities and factors affecting businesses and marketing.

    The American economy is based on a private enterprise system in which the millions of individual choices made by consumers, workers, and citizens, affect the decisions made by business owners and government officials. The preservation and effectiveness of such a system depends on the ability of individuals to make wise economic decisions, the successful operation of organizations, and the economic activities of the country. To make these informed decisions, individuals must understand how the system operates as well as their role in the system. These concepts are essential for the successful management of finance and business activities.

    Co-curricular with Career & Technical Student Organizations, including BPA and DECA (optional by school).

    NOTE: Throughout this document, learning target types are identified as knowledge ("K"), reasoning ("R"), skill ("S"), or product ("P").