• Course Description:

    Accounting is the language of business and an integral aspect of all business activities. Mastery of fundamental accounting concepts, skills, and competencies is essential to making informed business decisions. Regardless of students’ chosen course of study or career path, accounting prepares them to be educated business professionals and informed consumers.

    This course develops knowledge of the basic principles of the accounting cycle. Emphasis is placed on analyzing, recording and interpreting business transactions: financial statements, manual and computerized accounting systems, banking and payroll; understanding basic types of business ownership; and 

    College Rigor
    As a dual-enrollment student, you have one foot in high school and one foot in college.  You will find that dual enrollment courses go at a faster pace, contain more depth of content, and may contain mature subject matter.  Dual enrollment courses are college courses; they deliver demanding course work to introduce new ideas and challenge students. 
    College Responsibilities
    There is much more to being a college student than just academics.  You will be expected to learn how to fill out forms, follow procedures for registration and payment, understand university policies and how they apply to you, and abide by strict university deadlines.  The university expects you to be responsible for taking care of your personal and academic business--not your parent, guardian, or school advocate.