• Standards Based Grading

    All of my Spanish classes will use a Standards Based Grading System. The objective of Standards Based Grading is to assess student progress in a way that accurately reflects proficiency of any given task or objective. There will be 4 categories for assessment, and each task will be scored as either a 1, 2, 3 or 4. The category descriptors are listed in the table below.  

Standards Based Grading with Proficiency Standards
  • How Students Use Standards Based Grading


    Proficiency is measured within a specific task or content. It is not measured as overall proficiency in the Spanish Language. For example, a student may have mastered the task of describing her daily routine, but be unable to write about outer space. Little by little, the student will arrive at an overall proficiency in the Spanish Language. If you are curious about Foreign Language Proficiency Levels, check out the American Council on the Teachers of Foreign Language Proficiency Scale.

    Four - point scale vs. traditional grading

    The 4 point scale does not transfer easily to the traditional 5 point A, B, C, D, or F scale. A student who scores a 1 or 2 on an assessment can still achieve an A or B if they otherwise consistently achieve scores of proficiency or mastery (3 or 4). 

    Assessment Retakes

    Students are allowed and encouraged to re-take all formative assessments. Students will be told which assessments are formative and which are summative. If the student scores below a 3 on their first attempt they will be allowed to retake once for a 4, or three times for a 3. If a student scores a 3, they can re-take once for a 4. Each quarter there will be one summative assessment which will be an accumulation of material from the previous formative assessments. Students are not allowed to retake summative assessments.