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    Integrated Earth and Space Science


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    Hello & welcome to a new year, Hellgate High School and this Integrated Earth and Space Science (also abbreviated to IESS)!  I am excited to be here, and I hope that you are too!  IESS  is fun, exciting, and so is learning BUT…LEARNING TAKES WORK!  Just like anything WORTH doing!  (In my opinion).

    This year in Integrated Earth and Space Science, we will explore and deepen our understanding and curiosity about the natural world that surrounds us.  Whether we appreciate it or not, the topics we will cover within IESS influence, and sometimes dictate so much of our daily lives.  These topics will include scientific thinking, scientific process and skills, astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, plate tectonics, rocks and minerals, paleontology, and natural resources, and others.  We will cover these topics using a variety of methods including reading, discussion, laboratory activities, audiovisuals, and direct observation.  The course work in this class is cumulative, therefore it is very important to your success that you attend and engage in class daily and maintain your own organized resources including a binder and a scientific notebook.

    This year in Earth Science I will be trying to use two resources to keep students in the loop.

    •  First, I will be using google classroom for posting notes, assignments, and reminders, etc.  Most of you should have got an email invitation about that.  If not, the class code is:  w2ynxc.  
    • Secondly, I will be trying out for reminders about upcoming homework assignments that we might have.  Sign up with remind, where you can enter your email or your phone number to receive updates.  The following link will provide you with the ability to sign up.