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    My name is Brian Hoover and I teach the Technical Design classes here at Hellgate. These classes include the subjects of Engineering, Architecture, and 3D Modeling & Animation. I also teach two dual credit drafting and design classes that are aligned with the Missoula College Computer Aided Design (CAD) program. My Introduction to Technical Design teaches the students covers the subjects of engineering, architecture, animation, game design, and computer programming. The course is open to all students and serves as the prerequisite for each of my level 2 courses. After taking a level 2 course, students will be ready to enroll in my dual enrollment courses aligned with the Missoula College BIM CAD Program. The level 1 and level 3 courses are semester-long and the level 2 courses are year-long.
    Office Phone: 728-2400 Ext: 6664
    Email: Brian Hoover


  • Period 1 - Prep 

    Period 2 - Intro to Technical Design

    Period 3 - Architectural Design   

    Period 4 - Engineering Design + DDSN113 Tech Drafting (Sem 1) / Engineering Design + DDSN114 Intro to CAD (Sem 2)    

    Period 5 - Intro to Technical Design 

    Period 6 - Prep

    Period 7 - 3D Modeling & Animation