• Welcome to the 2023-24 school year!

    I am teaching Algebra 1 and Algebra Concepts & Skills. This is my second year teaching here in Missoula, my first year at Hellgate. I am a life-long lover of mathematics and see it as a way to make sense of problems and see patterns in the world around us. I have my M.Ed in Secondary Education with a post-bacc in Mathematics.  Previously, I owned a small business, worked as a documentary filmmaker, and taught and tutored math at a tribal community college. My son is a recent Hellgate graduate now studying at MSU. 

    I love teaching math to students who feel instinctive at math and also for those who do not. Math isn't simply about getting the right answers quickly, it's a process and exploration that requires a little bit of struggle and sometimes making lots of mistakes (and that's a good thing!) We all have the potential to do well in math. 

    See you in class!


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