Hellgate's Dance Team Tryouts

  • Tryouts for the 2024 season

    Hellgate's award-winning Dance Team is hosting tryouts in May 2024. 
    Participants need to have a 3x8 count routine of their own, set to music of their choice, (lyrically appropriate), plus: a clean pirouette, side leap and regular leap, three jumps, (like straddle jump, firebird, split leap, etc), calypso, rally, and be able to learn and perform a piece of choreography that will be taught at the tryouts. Simple tumbling skills that are safe to perform on the gym floor, such as walkovers and aerials, can be shown, too.
    Attire: Tight black leggings or shorts and tight black tank/tee/bra top. Participants can wear sweats over shorts/leggings/tops, but will be asked to remove them at the beginning of tryouts. Shoes: non-marking white tennis, or black if participant doesn't have white. White shoes will be required upon dance team acceptance.
    Hair: High pony or half-up/half-down. Hair must be off the face.
    The Knights Dance Team is a reputable spirit team that is part of Hellgate's Spirit Squad. We support the school and sports teams and promote positivity, teamwork, respect and college readiness!