The Student Government represents the student voice of Hellgate. We are the liaison between the student body and the administration. We strive to bring improvements to the school, improve student relations and unite the student body. 
    Student Body President: Ellen Davis
    Student Body Vice President: Wilson Freer
    Student Body Secretary: Vrystin Madplume
    Student Body Treasurer: Loken Manhan
    Senior Class President: Devyn Deschamps
    Senior Class Vice President: Rori Ojala
    Junior Class President: Faith You
    Junior Class Vice President: Maizy Miller
    Sophomore Class President: Malakai Murphy
    Sophomore Class Vice President: Gus Darty
    Freshman Class President: Presley Clark
    Freshman Class Vice President: Jack Pew
    Advisor: Velita Rholl 


    Student gov email