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  • That's me on the far right Myself and my daughter at the Harvard Natural History Museum

    Bryan Ferriter
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    Welcome to my site! You can find me on the far left in the above image.     

    I am starting my 27th year of teaching either a science related course or an art related course.   
    My duties this year are:
    Integrated Science & IB Biology 
    Below is my education and teaching/coaching history.  Please use the information to get an idea of what I may bring to my Big Sky classrooms.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  
    Education:  B.A. Environmental Biology, U of Montana '95,
                        Endorsement in Broadfield Science 
                         Minor in Fine Art, U of Mississippi Hattiesburg '98
                         Endorsement in Art 
                         Masters in Education, U of Cork Ireland  '04
                         Emphasis in Chemistry Education
    Teaching  Experience:  
                         Peerless High Montana 95-96
                         Fernley High, Nevada 96-2001
                         St. Joseph Notre Dame, Alameda
                         California 2001-2002
                         Bruce College, Cork Ireland 
                          Big Sky High School  2010 to present
    Coaching Experience:  
                      Track and Field 10 yrs
                      (Head Coach 5 years)
                      Football  6 yrs
                      Basketball 9 yrs 
                     (Head Coach 6 yrs)
     Other Accomplishments:
                      Awarded Sholastic Arts America Art Educator
                      of Distinction  2001
                      Appointed Assistant Principal
                      Bruce College Ireland 2005-08
                      2010 Volunteer of the Year
                      Montana Food-bank Network
                      Montana Coaches Association
                      Assistant Coach of the Year
                      Track and Field 2013