• Congratulations to our January Staff of the Month!

    Ms. Heather Vallejo

    Heather Vallejo

    "[Ms. Vallejo] is a kind and caring teacher. She really cares about us and wants us to be better every day."

    Mr. Brian Moe

    Brian Moe

    "[Mr. Moe] is super nice, super fun, super understanding,"

    Mr. Josh Hiday

    Josh Hiday

    "[Mr. Hiday] is such a wonderful teacher. He is so understanding. Just a fun person to be around."

    Mr. Scott Edge

    Scott Edge

    "[Mr. Edge] is a good teacher and a very fun one too."

    Ms. S

    Laurel Schmautz

    "Ms. S works tirelessly to make sure kids on her caseload are caught up on work. She sticks with it and gets the job done! She is a true rock star!!"

    Ms. Shockley

    Cindy Shockley

    "Cyndi has done so very much to hold down the fort [during] Ms. Lombardi’s absence. Cyndi attends our meetings and has good insight and input when necessary. She holds kids accountable and is passionate about their education. She has stepped up in many ways."