Student of the Month

    Every month, the C.S. Porter staff nominates several individuals who exemplify varying traits based on that months theme. At the end of the month, we celebrate with friends and family at a Student of the Month Ceremony! Please help us celebrate and recognize the amazing effort these students have put forth to achieve Students of the Month!
    We are Porter! Positively Porter!
    October 2018: Positively Porter
    6th Grade: 
    Luke S.
    Ayden H.-T.
    Marla T. T.
    Alfredo C.-F.
    7th Grade:
    Ty G.
    Michael F.
    Mykayla M.
    8th Grade:
    Ammarie S.
    Angelina A.
    Tony W.
    November 2018: Enthusiastic Effort
    6th Grade: 
    Moana M.
    Ellianna R.
    Chelsea M.
    David W.
    7th Grade:
    Jade L.
    Alea N.
    Michael S.
    8th Grade:
    Asher B.
    Cole C.
    Morgan O.
    Bill H. 

    January 2018: Integrity

    6th Grade

    Maria W.

    Hayden B.

    Larkynn C.


    7th Grade

    River E.

    Kelsey O


     8th Grade

    AJ H.

    Bella C.

    Yara M.

    February 2018: Determination

    6th Grade

    Jamison M.

    Trey L.

    Lucas H.


    7th Grade:

    Alex A.

    Jaydon N-R.

    Sylvin L.


    8th Grade:

    Tim W.

    Jess M.

    Charleese H.

    March 2018: Responsible Citizen

    6th Grade

    Lily C.

    Lucia S.

    Larkin F.


    7th Grade:

    Nataly M.

    Mirabella R.

    Ozias O.


    8th Grade:

    Tearin R.

    Emily F.

    Gus T.

    April 2018: Positive Leadership

    6th Grade:

    Spencer T.

    Nina S.

    Oliva W.


    7th Grade:

    Kennedy W.

    Anouk Z.

    Aiden M.


    8th Grade:

    Bennett W.

    Connor W.

    Patti B.

    May 2018: All Around Student